Bayan University renews the covenant and celebrates the Kurdistan Flag Day

flag dayUniversity, in cooperation with the Student Union Committee, on Tuesday (17/12/2019) celebrated the Kurdistan Flag Day "a symbol of the struggle for liberation" with university students and staff within the university in the presence of both (Dr. Mayada Najjar, a member of the Iraqi Parliament) and Mr. Vice President The University’s Board of Trustees (Dr. Hossam El Din Mohamed Saeed Al Hayali), the President of the University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif), the Assistant of President for scientific affairs of the University (Dr. Bengin Messaeeg Odel), the Director of the University Administration (Mr. Abdel Rahman Amin Saleh) and each of the distinguished guests, Mr. Izzat Jaafar Sadiq / Director of the Department of the Second Branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, as well as Mr. Rizgar Ali Harki / member of the 16th branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and Mr. Kwan Kassab / administrative in the local committee "Ayindh" of the Kurdistan Democratic Party) and the deans and heads of departments and teaching and administrative and all university students participated in this ceremony in which the Kurdish flag is alive and all the entrance and external facade of the university are decorated with its colors Veneration of science and glory over the years