Strategic Planning 2019-2025

Bayan University is working to build a better, more sustainable world by involving itself more actively in the resolution of global problems via its program and engaging more people in local and global issues. Multidisciplinary research, teaching and learning of a high standard generate new knowledge and know-how for the benefit of humankind in particular in an Iraq resigning from ashes of too many wars. Forward and fresh thinking, an attentive and proactive attitude, and creative interaction will help BNU to solidify its position among the foremost universities in the region and internationally.

In the upcoming years, the University will achieve its vision by engaging in increasingly close cooperation with both its established and new partners and stakeholders in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and abroad. Collaboration creates more impact than individual efforts. BNU plans to move to a new campus and expands its programs to create a better academic environment with meaningful interactions and interaction between different disciplines. 

To achieve its vision, BNU has selected three strategic objectives for the period 2019–2025: A creative, international environment for learning and meaningful research, a focus on the student centred learning and resources for reform as well as the inclusive e-Smart community to bring down carbon emission and maximise transparency.  Future is made possible by a progressive education where today's students will solve problems of the future.

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