Department of ِBanking & Finance (DBFN)

Chairman's Speech

The department was established in 2016 within the university departments and is one of the most important disciplines that help the development of societies in various areas of contemporary life. Where the University has prepared a distinguished study plan for the specialization of finance and banking and the presence of the most qualified professors.

Departments mission

 The University's Accounting Department looks forward to contributing to the provision of scientifically qualified human resources and resources in the field of financial and banking accounting and to meeting the needs of various local and Arab institutions in the public and private sectors for such capabilities.
The main task of the department is to prepare qualified accounting and auditing personnel capable of keeping abreast of economic development.

Deparments vision

To keep abreast of the technological progress and its integration into accounting courses in order to prepare a generation of students aware of the progress in accounting operations at the level of technology and the preparation of computations in line with the developed institutions in the world

Deparments goals

Building a scientific strategy for the development of accounting
Follow-up scientific and technical developments and scientific research leading to the development of accounting specialization
To ensure the provision of the most efficient cadres and the highest grades in order to provide integrated information for the development of accounting skills to our dear students.
To keep abreast of the technical and research development in order to prepare systematic materials that meet the students' need to complete their educational attainment

Community service

Participate in community service in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the following fields:
Working to raise the level of dealing with technology in all fields, especially in seeking to train cadres to deal with them

Departments graduates field labour

Financial Accounting: This field is concerned with the collection, classification, classification and recording of the financial operations of the project in order to reach the outcome of its business during a certain period and its financial position at the end of that period..
Accounting Auditing and Tax Audit.
Working in the financial and tax bodies and banks, where the work requires a large number of accountants.
Work in industrial establishments that require a lot of accounting graduates to hold their daily accounts in various departments such as stores, purchases, sales, salaries, etc., and follow up their cash flow and financial flow, and evaluate it continuously

Departments study system

The University adopts the rules and standards applicable in the world universities and in the Kurdistan Region. The University adopts the credit hours system. The university year consists of two basic classes and a third supplementary semester. The university also adopts the annual system and semesters. By the Council of the League in consultation with the Board of Trustees to adopt the system of study in this section as per its requirements