Department of Law (DLAW)

 Chairmans Speech

The department accepts the graduates of the preparatory school from the scientific and literary sections at a rate of not less than 65% and the duration of the study in the department is five years of study, after which the graduate is awarded the bachelor's degree in law and in the department a morning and a temporary study. A specialized teaching staff with diplomas, The field of academic and practical teaching in law.

Section message

Preparation of distinguished legal staff in the field of justice, law and the legal departments in ministries and government departments. And work to strengthen the link between them and the legislative and judicial authorities through the introduction of specialized academic programs

Section vission

To be a prominent center in providing high education and scientific research distinct in the field of public law and linking it to development and society

Section mission

Provide the legislative and judicial bodies with specialized legal cadres.
Graduation of cadres to fill legal positions in all departments of the State and the private sector.
Contribute to the development of legal culture in society, through lectures and continuing education of specialists in the law of various official departments

Community service

Participate in community service in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the following fields:
Developing the legal system in the region, especially Iraq, in general, working to understand the existing and strive to develop it.
Working to raise the level of legal awareness to deal with developments in all fields, especially in seeking to train cadres to deal with them.

Fields of work

Military institutions of all kinds open wide to the students of the law and there are some military areas for students in passports and others, which requires the staff of women.
Investigation and Prosecution Authority .
The Ministry of the Interior in some posts on mattresses, which are functions of the people of law in the ministry
Ministry of Interior
Judicial branch

Study system in the department

The University adopts the rules and standards applicable in the world universities and in the Kurdistan Region. The University adopts the credit hours system. The university year consists of two basic classes and a third supplementary semester. The university also adopts the annual system and semesters. By the Council of the League in consultation with the Board of Trustees to adopt the system of study in this section as per its requirements