Department of Business Administration (DBAD)

chairman’s speech

The department of administration within the departments of the Faculty of Management at Bayan University was established in 2013 as in the other sections of the university and receives graduate students from junior high schools with their scientific and literary branches, studying the subjects in English language in the hope of presenting the best to our dear students in order to achieve a bright future

Department’s mission

To provide an advanced academic level in the program and the means of research used to enable the teaching staff and students of continuous excellence and provide the necessary knowledge and develop their skills and provide the local market with competent professionals in the field of professional work

department’s vision

The department aspires to be a leading or advanced section at the local, Arab and international levels by improving the intellectual and practical skills of students and working to provide the local market with competent specialists in the field of their competence with the application of international quality standards in graduates. Future Section.

Department’s goal

- The department aims to accelerate progress and progress by matching local and international standards
For quality and work by seeking:
- Offering outstanding business management programs to equip students with knowledge and equip them with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of the labor market or regional and global labor market and meet their needs.

Community service

- Participate in community service in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the following areas:
- Developing the system of medical equipment in the country to work on understanding the existing and strive to develop it.
- Working to raise the level of dealing with technologies in all fields, especially in the quest to train cadres to deal with them.

Fields of graduate work

Tourism sectors
Research Centers
Various industrial sectors
Educational sectors
Health and service sectors
Business sectors
Agricultural sectors
All businesses in the public sector
All private companies
free businees
Land / Marine / Air Transport Institutions

Study system in the department

The University adopts the rules and standards applicable in the world universities and in the Kurdistan Region. The University adopts the credit hours system. The university year consists of two basic classes and a third supplementary semester. The university also adopts the annual system and semesters. By the Council of the League in consultation with the Board of Trustees to adopt the system of study in this section as per its requirements.

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