Vision of the University

Vision of the University

Together at Bayan University, we aspire to be a national leader in the development of educated, job-ready contributors and international citizens who have the greatest impact in supporting their communities.

We are a center of excellence for quality education
We are a research and teaching center dedicated to the development of original studies
We achieve excellence characterized by independence and sustainable development
Create specialized education which is essential for the development of our society
Expand in partnership to embrace quality from the beginning
We are a smart and interactive electronic university integrated with a global presence

Mutual respect, integrity and honesty
We are a scientific community working with many other communities. Our community members are our selected resource. We treat each other as principled, open, transparent and respectful

We are a learning community.

We value the interaction between academic members and students as the core activity of the learning process. We recognize and support the diversity of our students' needs, and we all include our stakeholders. We aim to be accessible to all who want to learn with us. We welcome the world to our campus.

The pursuit of knowledge

We have the desire to drive to know the unknown. Our investigation and thinking of diverse intellectual endeavors is fundamental to us. We engage our students in these endeavors, and strive to instill in them a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding. We balance our duty to academic integrity with our commitment to academic freedom in our work and interactions.

Community and social responsibility

We employ our expertise to serve each other and the community. We illuminate pressing social problems and seek solutions. The knowledge we generate enriches society. We are legitimately interested in all aspects of our world. We are a bridge and interpreter between our communities and other people and other countries.

Accountability and well-being

We are responsible for our performance for each other, our students, alumni and the public. We value a safe, healthy and supportive academic community.

Vision Statement