University Council

Welcome to the Council of Bayan University (BNUC), the principal executive and policy-making body of the University. It is the responsibility of the College to manage the University, determine its mission, plan its work and manage its resources. It has the authority to take such necessary actions to discharge these responsibilities and, in carrying out its functions, consults with the BNU Board of Trustees on matters relating to decisions and policy. The University Council brings together academics, students and management representatives to discuss issues that encompass the entire university.

Who is the University Council?

The Board is composed of the President and Vice-Presidents for Scientific Affairs (VPS) and Student Affairs (VPA), the Deans of Colleges, the Student Representative and the Secretary of the BNUC. It is responsible for academic supervision and management. Upon appointment to the Board, members have significant legal responsibilities and duties.

Seated from the left: d. Black, d. Karim, d. Dylan

Standing from the left: Mr. Shallow, Dr. Khadija, Ms. Shermin, Dr. Slav, Mr., good

Members of Bayan University Council

Prof. Dr. Karim Saleh Abdoul

Head of the University Presidency Office

Assis Prof Dr Dilan Majid Rostam
Vice President for Scientific Affairs

V.P. For scientific affairs and postgraduate studies

ASIS A. M.D. Black Kader Ahmed

Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs

For Administration and Student Affairs

Dr. Khadija Kader Ismail

Board Member
President of the Faculty of Business and Economics (CBEC)

Dr. Sulaf Abdullah Rashid

Board Member
President of the Faculty of Law and International Relations (CLIN)

Dr.. xxxx xx
Board Member

President of the Faculty of Education (CEDU)

Dr.. xxx xxxx
Board Member
Religion College of Engineering and Science (CENG)

Mr. Anwar Karim Reda