Department of International Relations (DINR)

Chairman’s speech

Specialization of international   relations is considered one of the dusting wished departments on the level of scientific specialization and its vital contribution as an effective uprising in the educational and research process and strategic and political analysis.

Department’s mission

_Rising up the research and educational process in the field of international relations so as to be achieved and in harmony with both students and society’s interest.
_Preparing scientific and national specialized qualifications requiring the states and community’s needs.

Department’s vision

The department has be the pioneer in encouraging the students to present the most products on the university and the scientific realistic positions through the scientific support for the qualified staffs available in the department.

Department’s goals

_Developing the curricula emplacing on the need of community
_improving the education quality and the skills and focusing on the creative ankles.
_improving reinforcing the staff member. 
_Developing the scientific research culture in the field of international relations.
_be careful with activating student’s knowledge in a high manner.
_creating the ability in the students to predict the political phenomena and improve it.
_preparing and qualifying students in the field of international relations by supplying them with a high level of knowledge in the field of their specializations. 

Community service

Participating in community service with cooperation with the relevant authorities in the following fields.
_working on uprising the dealing with technicalities and training the cadres

Department’s graduates field work

_Ministry of foreign affairs and its mission ring abroad 
_Ministry of planning the international cooperation
_Establishments tanthoritie of public and specialized mass media.
_Advisors and coordinators in knvstan Perlman Iraqi parliament.
_Political analysts and collecting data and connecting in ministry of foreign affairs ministry of interior affairs, and other relevant ministries, intelligence directorate and all the military security authorities 
_ Advisors, researcher, reponsiblen with public relations, regional and international big organizations establishments.
_international officials occupying the general international jobs in the government and non government international organizations.
_advisors in political parties and leaks in all its sorts.
 _strategic and political analysts and researchers in the field of international relations and strategy.

Departments study system

The university applies the rules and criteria in the international and kuris tan university and the university allots the creditors’ system with consists of two basic semesters with a complementary one. The university adopts the years and is limited by the university council with consolation having with trustees. Council to guarantee the requirements of the system in the department and its specialization.