Department of ِAccounting (DACC)

Chairmans speech

The department was established in 2014 with in the departments, and its considered the most important specialization enabling developing the communities in all contempoing life fields. The university dedicated a distinguished study plan for the specialization of accounting qualified professors.

Departments mission

The department of accounting is to contribute in supplying the energies and the scientifically qualified human resourses in the filed of accounting to supply the need of various local arabic institutions in both public and special sectors fir these energies . the basic role of the department is oresouted in preparing the qualified the field of accounting aucliting to cthhe economic development

Departments vission

Coping with the development occurred in the tecnological level annexing it in the topics of accounting curricul for uprising the generation of students for the accounting operation on the technology level and preparation of math operations suitable with developing instituations in the global.

Strategy Section

Abuilding scientific and atistic development scientific researches leading to develop the accounting specialization supplying of qualified from the highest scientific ranks for the purpose of presenting complete data for developing the accounting skills for dearest students. Coping with the tecnological and and research progress in preparationn of programmed topics supplying the students needs pursuing their scientific gain.

Community service

Particpating in the community service with the relevant authorities in thse fields :
Developing medical systems of equipment in iraq.
Raising up the dealing with the all technologies in all fields

Departments graduates field labour

Finanual accounting :
This field takes care of collecting, classifying, quantifying , reqistering the projects finacial operations so as to reach to works results in through a certain period and its financial center at the end of that period. 
Cost accounting : 
It takes care of production costs and other activities that project deals with. It works to decrease it to the extent limit, prepares the relevant data with the purpose of watching the operations.
Administrative accounting :
It takes care of preparing and presenting the reports with data that the administration used in deasion – making and outling the projects future politics and putting the suitable plans and accomishing them.
Government accounting:
Working in the accounting fields that the financial establishments need (like banks, securitycompanies, investing companies, the financial markets) which need accountants.
The accounting and auditing profession in accounting offices>
Financial consulting work and feasibility studies and econmic assessment for project accounting audit and tax audit for companies .
Working in financial and tax faculties which need a lot of accounting graduates checking its accounts in all different departments like stores,purchasing,sales, salaries, etc and following their motions as monetary and its financial currency and evaluating it in a progressive manner.

Departments study system

The university  applies the rules and criteria in Kurdistan and global universities. The university adopts the years system with semesters system. The university council limits the type of the study in consultation with trustees councal andits required specializations