Bayan University (BNU) library is an academic division of the University, serving the knowledge and information needs of the University Community and the general public, and consist of Central University Library (CUL) with Learning facilities, the computer room, and the student service point, such as printing and search terminals.

Library provides materials and services across BNU, including providing for-credit instruction, collaborating with academic across disciplines to provide targeted class-specific instruction, and selecting print and electronic resources in accordance with the University’s mission.

Mission Statement
The library is an academic division within the University which has the mandate to serve the knowledge and information needs of the University Community and the general public. The library is the principal campus resource for human creativity and memory in traditional and electronic formats providing a truly global information environment.

The library is responsive to students and their instructional needs, to teaching staff and their teaching and research needs, and to administrators and their information needs. Librarians are committed to safeguarding intellectual freedom, to preserving and organising the institution’s records, to providing sophisticated reference services, and to engaging in bibliographic exchange on both regional and national scales.

The library provides an environment conducive to scholarly research and study. It is a vital and interdisciplinary resource whose support by the University exemplifies its commitment to educational excellence.

Vision Statement
Bayan University Library, utilizing the newest technologies, will ensure optimum access to, and delivery of, information for the University and the region. As partners in the teaching, research, and service missions of the University, the libraries will continue to acquire, organise, and preserve materials in all formats and provide instruction in their use.

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