Seminar for law students at Bayan Universityheld a seminar with the title (Intentional Homicide)

Law seminar The Faculty of Law and International Relations on Monday 17/2/2020 in the corridors of Bayan University Library and in the presence of law students and professors of the Faculty of Law and International Relations, held a seminar with the title (Intentional Homicide) prepared by students in the Law Department of the third stage (student Omar Amir and student Rayan Ismail) Under the supervision of a professor of special criminal law article (M. Alaa Baha Omar), the students in Seminar addressed the nature of the crime of premeditated murder and the pillars of the crime and touched on the penalties prescribed for this crime in light of the Iraqi Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 and the penal code for the Kurdistan Region, and also about the circumstances that tighten the original punishment and turn it to death according to what is decided in the law, as well as students were able through the scientific seminar to provide statistics for intentional homicide in the Kurdistan Region for the year 2017 and 2018). At the end, the dean of the faculty of Law and international relations (Dr. Solav hama rashid ahmad) thanked students for their seminar and wished them a successful career in their academic life.