A scientific trip for students in the Law Department for both (Department of Notary and Real Estate Registration Directorate)

لبsthIn implementation of the scientific plan of the Department of Law at the College of Law, International Relations and Diplomacy at Bayan University,under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ramadan, Head of Law and Mr. Hazhar Jawhar Agha, lecturer in the department, with scientific supervision of the two scientific trips, which were under the direct direction and follow-up of the Dean of the College, Dr. Sulaf Abdullah Hama Rashid.


students of the fourth and fifth stages on Wednesday, 19/2/22020 made a scientific trip to the Department of Notary Erbil - the first and heard from the officials in it about a detailed explanation about the tasks and powers of the notary and then they made a field tour in Departments of the directorate to see how the various works submitted to citizens are progressing. After that, the students made a scientific trip to the Real Estate Registration Directorate 2 in Erbil and its director, Mr. Khusro Saeed Adam, and his staff presented a detailed explanation of the tasks and work of the directorate, and the students were briefed on the work The various people that make up the directorate and how to conclude deals for buying and selling real estate, whether it is building or land, and how to reserve it and other legal processes related to real estate