Bayan University is preparing for e-Learning for the new academic year 2020-2021.

bnuAs part of its preparations for the new academic year 2020-2021,with the participation of the distinguished professor Dr.Hussam El -Din Muhammad Saeed,vice president of the Board of Trustees at Bayan university and Honourableprofessor Dr.Fuad Mawlood Sharif,the presedent of university ,the members of the university counciland a group of teaching staff members an online meeting organized on Friday 4/9/2020 via Google Hangouts Meet for a purpose of studying the best ways to develop the e-learning platform in our university so that students benefit from the process of e-learning in the new academic year.Representatives of one of the best e-learning and software companies in the Middle East made an offer for the latest world technology in this regard.

Deep and detailed discussions of e- learning  aspects starting with  lecture preparation and installing it on the e-learning  platform ending with the process of conducting examination, registering the results online .Finally ,the representative of the mentioned companies answered all the questions raised by participants.