Bayan University, in cooperation with the Student Union, presented a seminar entitled (How do we communicate with people).

bayan universityOn Saturday, 12/12/2020, Bayan University presented a seminar entitled (How to Communicate with People), in the presence of the University President’s Assistant for Operational Affairs (Dr. The University President’s Assistant for Administrative Affairs and Student Affairs (Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Ramadan) presented the Accounting Department at Bayan University, which is organizing a seminar by (Ribaz Hussein Saeed), a fourth-year student in the Accounting Department / morning study. He clarified several important points in this seminar  the most important of which

1- How do we get people to listen to us?

2- How do we thank people when they do us a favor?

3- How do we interact in an outside community?

4- How do we introduce people to each other?

He encouraged the rest of the students to present the seminars within the walls of the university, where he extended his thanks and praise to the university’s board of directors for providing all means for the success of this seminar and encouraging students to do their best.