A Workshop about \ An Intelligent Tool Used in the Heuristics Solving-Problem to Predict the Marine Snail Age

December 21, 12:00 pm

University's library

This workshop presents the concept and the importance of artificial intelligence in many aspects in the life, and show one of the important applications of artificial intelligence that dealt with heuristics data problems and overcomes the restrictions in the mysterious and complex relationship that links the input data to predict results, It is the subject of the published research that presented an accredited model to predict the age of marine snail, measuring the abalone age is a very important process in many aspects, especially economic ones; Abalone economic value is linked strongly to their age. An artificial neural network which is the algorithm proposed that is compatible with solving that data throughout the training.


- The importance of artificial intelligence in life and its applications

- Overcoming barriers to finding solutions through the prediction process

- The ability of AI algorithms to predict the outcome by building a system based on real data



University's library

Workshop presenters: 

Assist. Lec. Safa Abdulwahab Hameed


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