Bayan University participates in the International Legal Conference on Legal Issues

bayan universityInstructor (Alaa Baha Omar) at the College of Law and International Relations at Bayan University participated in the Sixth International Legal Conference of Tishk International University in Erbil with her research tagged (international protection of public administration from the crisis of administrative and financial corruption), where she discussed in her research the most important forms of administrative corruption and surrounded the most important causes  And the political, legal, economic and social factors of the phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption as it is a negative phenomenon rooted in the societal environment whose negative effects were reflected on the values ​​of social justice, impeding the behavior and economy of countries, poor job performance and the cost of public service in terms of the exploitation and trafficking of public administration, as well as the most important international legal foundations, including  Several international agreements that criminalize the phenomenon of administrative corruption, namely the 2003 United Nations Convention against Administrative Corruption, the 2003 African Union Convention, and the 2003 Arab States Convention against Administrative Corruption, and concluded her legal research with the most important conclusions and recommendations, and in the light of which she received a certificate of participation from the conference as if the head of its dialogue session was Judge Dr.  (Mohamed Omar Mouloud) and personally handed her her testimony in  Her participation in the conference appreciated her scientific and legal effort for the information and legal treatments she presented to me in her research


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