Bayan University held a scientific workshop entitled "Good Governanc

Bayan University organised a scientific workshop on Sunday,bnu27 15/4/2019 under the title "Good Governance"

In the presence of the President of Bayan University Dr. Karim Saleh Abdul, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Aswad Qader, the deans of the faculties of the university and a number of professors in all disciplines, in addition to a large number of students. They came together to add knowledge and benefit from this kind of scientific workshops.

The issue of good governance is one of the most important and sensitive issues for both governmental and non-governmental bodies because it includes many administrative, economic, social and legal aspects in the country. It regulates the relationship between the management of the institutions and their boards of directors in order to establish the foundations that determine the objectives of the institutions and monitor their performance. This contributes to the formation of good incentives to motivate them to pursue their interests, which makes it easier to provide the necessary confidence for employment and employment of economic and human resources in society.

Objective of the workshop:

Minimizing administrative backwardness and finding suitable solutions to the management of public and private institutions from administrative corruption, both financially and administratively, and reducing the gap between administrative units in it.

The importance of the workshop:

The importance of applying the principles and principles of good governance by governments, whether in the public or private sectors, contributes to raising economic efficiency, increasing openness to global markets, creating a strong investment base from local and foreign investors, and increasing citizens' confidence in the government.

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ibrahim Waly / Strategic Management Specialization,

Dean of the College of Administration and Economics, University of Salah al-Din - Arbil. He is teaching at the Bayan University, College of Business and Economics.

The first session of the workshop...

The concept of management is understood and important, and at any time we need good governance and where we find the national reference to it, as well as to identify the criteria, and the impact of absence in the framework of good governance

Dr. Ahlam began her work by introducing the administration in general to facilitate understanding of all the information that will be presented to attendees and then began to define several points about its axis ...

Introduction to management

Good governance

The importance of rules of good governance

Principles on which good governance is based

Good governance standards

Target standards

And linked the axis of the term (governance), which I knew as follows (the application of a set of principles adopted to achieve the interests of all parties), then she took over Marketing Management teaching at the College of Administration and Economics at the University of Salah al-Din - Erbil.

He is also teaching at BNU at the College of Business and Economics.

The second session of the workshop

Which sheds light on the concept of leadership and its components, what is the leadership and the responsibilities of the administrative leader, in addition to study the practices and misconceptions about leadership by imposing power and disadvantages of excessive, as well as reference to the elements of effective leadership and indicators of success)

Haja Mohammed session

The most important highlights of Professor Haja were to define the leadership of the group by maintaining the spirit of responsibility among the members of the group and leading it to achieve the goals of the public

Good leadership: It follows a set of laws, regulations and decisions that aim to achieve quality and excellence in performance by choosing appropriate and effective methods and then presented several tasks on the responsibilities of the administrative leader: 

The most important

the formation of a picture ideal for the future of the institution better than it is

solidify the concept of serious commitment and take personal responsibility in

hard and continuous pursuit of sustainability of excellence in performance ... etc

And then asked the audience a number of questions and inquiries about how to manage the institution the principle of (punishment and reward) and how these points can be brought to the government to strengthen their management, or even strengthen the ties of administrators in the same department where a number of attendees discussed with the participants on the importance of reward and its positive impact And negative on the employee ..etc

The workshop concluded by presenting certificates of thanks and appreciation to both participants for participation certificates for all other attendees.