Workshop title/ registration of attendance and academic degrees via the Internet

co  Bayan University held a workshop under the title (registration of attendance and academic degrees via the Internet) in the presence of both the President of the Bayan University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif) and the Assistant of President for Scientific Affairs (Dr. bengeen Messih Oudel) and the deans of the faculties, heads of department and number of lecturers of the university. The workshop was started by a professor in the Department of Computer Science (Lecturer. Muhammad Balket Turki), where he touched on how to increase the effectiveness of technology in the field of recording academic degrees and attendance and work to use time sufficiently and with less effort through the Internet directly, And also to facilitate the process for professors and students to be a lot of softness to work on.

The lecturer, Mohamed Balket, has proposed a program in the name of Edmodo to work on in all departments. Students ’grades are presented weekly and presented to students to be an incentive for students to study more and use technology better, as this is an important step to urge students to study and compete with each other over the owner of first place.

In conclusion, the President of the University stated that multiple workshops are held for all professors to train them to use this program in order for everyone to work within one domain and under the slogan (motivating students to study)