Opening of a book exhibition at Bayan University

yg   At the beginning of the second semester, Bayan University witnessed the opening of the book exhibition that was held in its corridors on Saturday 18/1/2020 for a period of four days ... The book exhibition was held by the Student Union Committee at the university in cooperation with the university presidency and the cultural center (Lallah Zar). The President of the University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif), who in turn cut the exhibition's tape announcing the opening of his exhibition, as well as the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs (Dr. Benjen Messiouh Oudl) and the Director of the University Administration (Mr. Abdul Rahman Saleh Amin) ... The exhibition included a collection of books in multiple languages ​​and various disciplines that contribute to enriching the knowledge side of students. And an initiative by the Cultural Center announced a large rate of discounts for the purchase of exhibition books for university students and staff.