University council and the e-learning committee

 bnu EBayan University's operation room held a meeting   Headed by Dr Fouad Mawloud, President of the University, in the presence of both Dr.bangeen Massih Awdal, the assistant president of the University for Scientific Affairs, in addition to the deans, heads of departments, rapporteurs and quality assurance officials at the university and departments through a video program (Zoom Meeting). The meeting started with a welcoming speech by Dr. Fouad Mouloud, head of the operation room and Bayan University, wishing all of them and their families’ safety from the Corona epidemic.
After that, the latest developments and decisions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the region were discussed regarding the possibility of resuming the academic year and completing the curriculum of the departments in light of the current situation in the region and the world due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, in addition to discussing a large number of important issues that Students and electronic teaching mechanisms are concerned with the means of finding appropriate solutions based on the instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, where it was decided through listening to the members ’statements to authorize the departments to communicate with the staff of the Department of each department through land the scope of communication that allows the possibility of holding meetings and adopting the appropriate communication mechanism between the teacher and the student in a way that serves the teaching process, provided that the departments are ready on 18/4/2020 in preparation for starting e-learning remotely and there will be a continuous follow-up by the university presidency and deanships to keep up with the progress of education to ensure that Complete the current academic year and take the exams to the fullest.