New online meeting for the law department on 4/24/2020

طميكشؤو  Within the framework of a series of online meetings for the presidency of the Law Department at the College of Law and International Relations at Bayan University with professors and representatives of students and, the section’s professors held and under the supervision of the department head at one o'clock on the afternoon of Friday, 4/24/2020 meeting via the Internet and through the google hangouts program meet. The meeting was devoted to inform the masters of the latest instructions regarding E-learning and to find out the latest preparations of the professors in this regard. At the beginning of the meeting, and after registering the names of the present professors, the head of the department welcomed the attendees and congratulated them by the blessed month of Ramadan. Then the meeting went as follows: -
1-The head of the department stressed the necessity of strict adherence to the instructions of the Council of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Directorate of Special Education in the ministry and the presidency of Bayan University to start E-learning on 2/5/2020 and that the period before this date is the period of preparation for E-learning and to introduce students to the program and to test the readiness of professors and students to start implementing E-learning.

2- The head of the department stressed the necessity of strict adherence to the most recent instructions of the President of Bayan University in his letter dated April 23/2020 that it is necessary to focus on electronic education as it is a priority in the university's strategy and interests and that the heads of scientific departments at the university must hold daily meetings via google meet with the professors To help them download their lectures on the university's E-learning platform and solve any technical obstacle in this field in cooperation with the director of quality assurance and the technical committee for E-learning at the university, and this meeting decides that the date of this daily meeting of the head of the law department be with the professors of the department and one of every afternoon hour.
3- The Head of the Law Department also affirmed that, in implementation of the instructions of the President of the University, professors must communicate via the Internet with students and encourage them to use the E-learning platform in our university.
4- There was an open discussion between the attendees at the meeting about the latest preparations of the professors to implement the E-learning formally and effectively on the appointed date and the head of the department answered the teachers ’questions and inquiries
At the end of the one-hour meeting, the Head of the Department wished health and success to the lecturers present