Bayan University organizes a training workshop entitled (Google Interactive Online Program)

it workshopBayan University organizes a training workshop entitled ((Google Interactive Online Program))
Under the patronage of the President of Bayan University, (Dr. Fouad Mawloud) the Department of Computer Science conducted a training workshop on Wednesday 6/5/2020 on the interactive electronic program Google Meet, which supports E-learning under the current circumstances. The workshop was held by (Mohammad Sardar) a lecturer of the Department of Computer Science. Also it allows the user to create a live video meeting between a numbers of people. This application enables the user to use the browser to attend the meeting by downloading a special application on smart devices running the iOS and Android systems. One of the most important features of this application is that it differs from the rest of the free video conference applications, the meeting time is open and unlimited, unlike the Zoom app, for example, it gives a person a maximum of 40 minutes per meeting and with 100 people who can join in a single meeting. Google Hangout Meet app initially, only 100 people were allowed to join The meeting at one time a maximum, but because of the emergency machine in the world and to support E-learning, Google has increased the maximum number of people who can join the application in one meeting to 250 people and allowed the teachers to record the lecture that took place on the application and save it directly on the Google Drive for the teacher to be shared with students.