Bayan University continues to offer workshops online and today it is starting a workshop under the title (electronic education portal used at Bayan University)

bnuAssistance lecturer Muhammad Balkat Turki, a teacher in the Department of Computer Science, presented on Monday 11/5/2020 a workshop under the title (electronic education portal used in Bayan University) in the presence of the president of the University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif), and the Assistant of the President of the University for Scientific Affairs (Dr. bengin massih Oudel) and a large number of teaching staffs at the university, deans of colleges and heads of departments in addition to university instructors and from outside the country also, and numbers of students as well, The workshop targeted several specific points,

the most prominent of which is to give a general idea of how to enter the electronic education portal recently established by Bayan University to train the professor to enter their own departments and how to upload the materials for each section in a various forms (file, video, pictures, direct lecture) and focused on The possibility of granting permits to certain persons but not others, As for the students. Assistance lecturer (Mohamed Balkat) presented the students with the method of entering the electronic portal and how to access their own section and obtain their own lectures in their department in a very easy way.

Then he touched on all the contents of the portal that were not touched upon before, the most important of which is the help icon in the site that was recently added to help students solve all the problems facing them through it, the student sends a photocopy, written or registered message on the site and receives it from the university's technical staff and tries to help him with full speed.

Then the presenter attended the present by exchanging questions with the lecturer, who in turn answered all their questions in an oral and practical manner directly ...


At the end of the workshop, the President of the University thanked the organizer of the workshop, the lecturer and all the participants