Bayan University held a workshop under the title (How to create an electronic exam using the Google Models)

bnu Bayan University held a workshop under the title (How to create an electronic exam using the Google Models) in the presence of the President of Bayan University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif) and the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs (Dr. Benin Massih Oudel) and all of the deans of the faculties and heads of departments and a number From the professors from inside and outside the university on Monday, 18/5/2020
Dr. Ala'a Badi Baban, Head of the Computer Science Department at Bayan University, started the workshop with an explanation of the most important goals of the workshop and what is the benefit to the participant in this workshop, the most prominent of which
Learn about the features of electronic forms
- Create an electronic test form using patterns of money to answer your questions.
- It puts the electronic tests key and corrects it automatically.
Connect it with the Classroom educational platform
And then she touched on the most important contents of the workshop that was touched upon are: -
- Google meet interface explanation
Distinguishing between the different types of questions in electronic forms
How to create and correct electronic tests automatically
And then she began to provide a detailed explanation the google form site and all the tools that are linked to this site including (Drive) and she completed the explanation to attend about how to create questions on google form and how to add fields and work tables and create options and fill in spaces and make certain proportions as well as how to add pictures and files and change the interface for the form And manipulation of colors, line type, etc.
At the end of the workshop, the attendees exchanged questions and answers with each other, and then one of the participants from outside the university requested that coordination be done in order to make cooperation between a university in Fallujah and Bayan University in order to conduct a comprehensive workshop on the google form.
In conclusion, the head of the Department of Computer Science at Bayan University thanked all of those present for the good participation, discussion, suggestion of comments and expressing opinions.