Bayan University department of law organizing the third online international workshop about coronavirus.

bnuDepartment of Law at Bayan
University Organized the third online international workshop on  coronavirus entitled (Coronavirus; the Civil and criminal liability for infection  with it)which was conducted through google hangouts meets on Wednesday, 10th June 2020.
The workshop started with a speech delivered by the president of the university (Dr. Fuad Mawlood Shareef) in which he welcomed all the attendees and showed his appreciation for the keynote speakers, the head of Law department Dr.Mohammad Ahmad Ramadan for supervising the workshop sessions.
The content of the workshop was delivered by six well-known researchers (Professors and Physicians) as follow:

1- Dr.Nedhal Yaseen Hamo( Dean,College of Law, Almamlaka University, KINGDOM of BAHRAIN),research titled: The criminal liability of physician for
infection with Coronavirus. 
2-Dr.Ali Nasrat Al-Asaadi (Ph.D. in private law from FRANC, Lawyer and U.S.A-RES.), research titled: The legal liability for medical malpractice.  
3-Dr.Bairak Faris Al-Juboori (Dean, College of Law, Tekreet University, IRAQ) research titled: Civil liability for virus infection transmission. 
4- Dr.Hozan Abdulmohsen ( Ph.D. in private law from FRANCE,Assistant professor, College of Law, Sallahaddeen University, Erbil, IRAQ-KURDISTAN Region) research titled: The civil liability for damages of infection with corona pandemic in iraqi civil law. 
5-Dr.Mohammad Al-Tai( Medical center, New York, U.S.A.),research titled:Code of ethics during health crisis . 
6- Dr.Hector J. Castro( Julliard School,New York City, U.S.A.), research titled: The medico-legal aspects of the diagnosis/misdiagnosis and management/mismanagement of Covid-19.

More than 50 academics, physicians,lawyers, university senior executives and Health Officials from various countries attended the workshop; the participants actively engaged with the topics through detailed discussions and raising different questions on the civil and criminal liability for infection with COVID-19 which were answered by the researchers.

The workshop lasted for three hours (‪the original time of the workshop  was two hours but it extended to another hour for there were many questions from the attendees.
Two of teachers in our department;Dr.Abdulwhab Khaery and ass.lect. Allaa Bahaa  contributed in supervising some  of workshop sessions.
The workshop was ended by a concluding speech that was delivered by the president through which he thanked all the participants and extended his gratitude for the presenters, attendees and organizers of the workshop.
The workshop organisers assured the participants that they will be awarded Bayan University “Workshop Participation Certificate” electronically.