The Vice president of Bayan university participates in an online symposium held by the Iraqi Forum for Elite and Competencies)

bayan universityDr.Muhammad Ahmad Ramadan, Vice President of Bayan University for Administration and Student Affairs, participated in the symposium held by the Iraqi Forum for Elite and Competencies on Friday 10/30/2020 via the Internet and through the Googl Meet program entitled (White Paper: Between Theory and Practice) An Analytical Study of the Final Report of the Emergency Cell For fiscal reform in Iraq) More than 70 personalities, between a university professor and an economist, participated in the symposium, and the vice president of our university participated in the symposium with an audio and written intervention. The participants in the symposium were unanimously agreed that the White Paper, described by some participants as the black paper, is not valid to address the economic problems in Iraq.

At the end of the symposium, the organizers of the symposium decided to add Bayan University to the universities to which they will be invited to participate in a seminar related to universities that will be held on 11/13/2020, in which Saladin University in Erbil will participate from the Kurdistan Region, and a number of Iraqi universities will participate in it. The symposium lasted more than an hour and a half.