The Vice President of Bayan University participates in two scientific symposiums via the Internet)

bayan universityVice President of Bayan University for Administration and Students' Affairs, participated in two scientific symposiums  through the ZOOM platform on Saturday 10/31/2020.The first symposium was held by the College of Administration and Economics at the University of Babylon entitled (The Possibilities of Economic Reform in Iraq Between Reality and Ambition) and the second  was organized by  Hillol (the Solutions) Center for Future Studies entitlefd (Iraqi Community and Personal Trust: Perceptions of the Upcoming Elections). The Vice President of our University participated in this symposium with a video intervention By directing two questions, one of them to Prof. Dr. Munqeth Dagher, Regional Director of Gallup International, and the other to Prof. Dr. Abd Ali Sufih, expert in the French Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The two symposiums were attended by a group of university professors, intellectuals and experts in the field of elections and economics