Bayan University preparing for organizing international,electronic and blending conferences and workshops soon)

bayan universityBased on the directives of His Excellency Dr. Abdul Salam Muhammad Saeed Al Hayali, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bayan University, and His Excellency Dr. Hussam El Din Muhammad Saeed Al Hayali, Vice President of the Board regarding the continuation of Bayan university in organizing international conferences and workshops via the Internet or by a blending  method on the most important topics and in various fields, the appropriate contacts were made onThursday and Friday to implement Those directions. On Thursday 11/12/2020 and Friday 13/11/2020, and based on the directive of His Excellency Dr. Hussam El Din Al Hayali, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ramadan, Vice President of Our University for Administration and Student Affairs, conducted a telephone communications with professors and experts in British and Emirati universities  regarding the organization of our university for international ,online and blending workshops on topics of great importance in our lives. In the same context, and at the direction of His Excellency Dr. Hussam Eddin Al-Hayali, Dr. Benjin Masih Odell, Vice President of our University for Scientific Affairs, communicated with a professor specializing in IT in Jordanian universities regarding his participation in an international online  and blending workshop organized by our university. The addresses and dates of these conferences and workshops will be announced later.