(Students of Bayan University / Law Department in the Ministry of Justice)

bayan universitybayan university Within the scientific activities held by the Deanship of the College of Law and International Relations, a field visit for the students of the Law Department to the building of the Ministry of Justice in the Kurdistan Region to see the departments and departments of the ministry and the competencies assigned to each department. The students were accompanied by Dr. Abdul-Wahhab Khairy and Professor Alaa Bahaa, both teaching staff in the Law Department, where they were received by the Public Prosecution Judge Badr Al-Din Karim Al-Barzanji, head of the International Resolution 1325 Committee on Women, Security and Peace in the Ministry of Justice in the region. During which the students listened to a clarification about the competence of the Public Prosecution and the administrative formation of this body and the necessity of the presence of the female component in the judicial institutions. They also discussed the punitive laws and the personal and civil status laws of the central government and the regional government and the extent of their differences and conformity, and the suspension of implementation of some of them in the regional government. His Excellency the Public Prosecutor also urged the students to pay attention to the research aspect to fill some shortcomings or defects in some legal articles. This included questions raised by Dr. Abdel Wahab and professors Alaa Bahaa and clarification of some legal and jurisprudential issues. Then, the law department opened the door to ask questions to His Excellency the Public Prosecutor to answer them. In conclusion, the supervisors of the scientific visit thanked His Excellency the Public Prosecutor for the care, attention and good reception he accorded to the students of the Law Department, wishing to open mutual horizons between the academic institutions and their legal departments and the judicial institutions of the Ministry of Justice


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