Bayan University organized a workshop under the title (treatment through reading)

bayan universityunder the patronage of the President of Bayan University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mouloud Sharif) Bayan University organized a workshop under the title “Cure through reading” by the teaching staff in the Department of English Language - at the University A statement by (Mrs. Farah Qassem) and in the presence of the President of the University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mouloud Sharif), the Assistant President of the University for Administrative Affairs and Students (Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Ramadan), and the Assistant to the President of the University for Scientific Affairs (Dr. Bankin Masihou Odl) And the deans of the university and a number of teachers in this field and other fields, and in this context, this workshop was held on Monday, 2/15/2020 at Nowruz Hall at Bayan University. The Lecturer began by referring to the written treatment in general to the use of books (literary works in particular) to help people on dealing with problems such as emotional conflict, mental illness, or changes in their lives (Bardick, 1994). It addresses topics such as separation, divorce, child abuse, foster care and adoption also used to enhance the well-being of individuals who can benefit from emotional change, as well as personal growth and development. She explained that written therapy is to help people of all ages understand themselves and deal with problems by providing literature relevant to their personal situations and developmental needs at appropriate times. She added that there is a body of research that increasingly indicates that one can improve himself by reading stories and novels, to help face life's challenges. Think of it as a form of self-help, not just books on parallel shelves.

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