Kurdistan Flag Day - Book Exhibition

bayan universityThe Presidency of Bayan University, in cooperation with the Student Union at the university, organized

On Tuesday, 15/12/2020 honorary ceremonies to celebrate the Kurdistan Flag Day..and in the presence of high-ranking personalities and administrators from inside and outside the university, most notably the representative of the Board of Trustees, the President of Bayan University, the assistant president of the university for scientific affairs, the assistant president for administrative affairs and student affairs, the agency, in addition to preparing A large number of teachers, students and administrators, the president of the university began the ceremony with words of praise for science and its strength in facing all the pressures that have befallen it over the years. A number of students presented a collection of short poetry clips on science

 And at the end of the ceremonies, the president of the university and the distinguished guests opened a book fair inside the university that provides books in 3 languages: Kurdish - Arabic - English.

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