How to deal with international magazines (Nur system)

bnuDealing with journals requires a sort of accuracy and focus with knowledge of special academic details and high standards of scientific ways and sobriety for the research that must be published. In many cases. the academics are fully aware of their sciences. As for the publication of research according to the scientific standards agreed upon by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region, the majority of them need to go deeper in terms of familiarity with the basic technical issues that cannot be avoided. Definitively for the scientific standing of the professor and the party he works for.
The professor should check the journal from several aspects:
2- The full name of the magazine.
3- magazine specialization
4- Editorial Board
5- Previous Issue
6- Is the magazine present in the nur system?
7- Emphasis on the sobriety of the research published in the journal.
8- Emphasis on not being in predatory magazines
9- Ensuring the quality of the magazine in the global database (such as (Scopus or Thomson Reuters)

And there are many other things that the lecturers should see, for his scientific efforts and the status of the university. The process of publishing research has special mechanisms and very accurate scientific methods in order to deliver scientific information accurately and completely to most groups in society, especially the academic category.

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