Bayan University and the Pathway Organization for Development hold a symposium


Bayan University and
Pathway Organization for Development held a symposium entitled (White Terrorism in the Kurdistan  Region, the Problem of drug abuse: aspects and Methods of Treatment) on Saturday 9/10/2022 in Newroz Hall at Bayan University.
At the beginning of the symposium, on behalf of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Anwar Daze, Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Ramadan, Vice-President of the University for Administration and Student Affairs, delivered a speech and expressed his happiness for arranging this symposium and indicated what the President of the University mentioned that :- (the aim of holding this symposium is to alert and educate community members to avoid drug abuse and to alert decision-makers in official institutions and non-governmental organizations, as well as finding ways to address the current reality of society in the Kurdistan Region, by conducting scientific research by academics... hoping... that we will be able to educate members of society and that the three authorities; executive, legislative and judicial will get benefits  from our scientific suggestions.
Then Mr. Fathi Al-Mudarres, head of the Pathway Organization for Development, gave the organization's speech, where he highlighted (the importance of the issue and its risks to the Kurdistan Region, and the need for partnership between the government, the private sector, universities and non-governmental organizations).
Before the lecturers began to deliver their research, a short film on combating drug abuse in the Kurdistan Region was shown.
In the first session, which was moderated by Dr. Suleiman Abdullah, the following topics were discussed:
1. The Social aspect / Dr. Izzadin Abdul-Samad Rasool / Salaheddin University / Erbil.
2. The psychological aspect / Dr. Azad Ali Ismail / Koya University
3. The health aspect / Dr. Kanar Fadel/ Director General at the Ministry of Planning.
In the second session, which was moderated by Dr. Nadia Talaat, the following topics were discussed;
1. The Religious aspect / Dr. Ibrahim Sangsri / Salaheddin University / Erbil.
2. The Legal aspect / Assis. Lect. Alaa Bahaa / Bayan University.
3. The Security aspect / Lieutenant Colonel Hogr Aziz / Spokesman for the Erbil Police.
After discussing the symposium topics, the following recommendations had been suggested:
1. The Ministry of Health in the region hastened to establish a hospital for the treatment of drug addicts, the hospital that had previously been planned for its establishment.
2. Encouraging the private sector and those involved in charitable work to establish a treatment center and a private or free hospital to treat drug addicts.
3. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs provides job opportunities for young people in the region.
4. The Ministry of Awqaf activates the role of clerics in combating drug abuse and educating the Kurdish family regarding this problem.
5. The Ministry of Education should activate the role of counselors and social researchers, especially in the secondary school, in educating students about the dangers of these drug abuse.
6. The Ministry of the Interior should tighten control over places where there is a motive for drug abuse, especially cafes and night clubs.22 members of the academic staff in all scientific departments participated in the workshop.