(The English department at our university held a cultural festival)



The Department of English at Bayan University held a cultural festival on Tuesday 15/ 11/ 2022 in the university gardens.

The festival started by singing the Kurdish national anthem (Ay Raqeeb), then a minute silence standing to pay our respect to the martyrs, then reciting verses from the Holy Quran. The president of the university Professor Dr.Ahmad Anwar Dizzay gave an opening speech in which he welcomed the attendees and thanked the English department presidency, the lecturers, and students for their efforts to organize this wonderful festival.

Furthermore, the students of the department participated in various activities like, reading out poems in Kurdish, English and Arabic, telling a story, as well as presenting their posters, paintings and some handmade folklore materials. Finally, the girl students of the department contributed to catering delicious traditional dishes.

The festival, with all its various activities, won the approval and admiration of the academic staff, the administrative staff, students and the guests.