An International Workshop in our University about Engineers and Poetry


The Department of Business Administration, College of Administration and Economics , Bayan University conducted an international workshop entitled” Engineers and Poetry” on 18th Des 2022.

The workshop administrated by Assis.Lecturer Aso Kurdo Bilbas head of department of business administration, College of Administration and Economics, Bayan University.

The first speaker was Professor Dr. Hamed M. Jassim Alissawi, a professor in Tishk International University college of Engineering.

The Second speaker was Dr. Eng. Mustafa Ahmad Rajab, member of the International Parliament of European Union Human Development Scientists and President of the Academy of Rehabilitation and development - Kingdom of Sweden.

Poetry is one of the out-of class activities

of teaching staff. The link between engineering and poetry lies in the fact that both have an element of design. Composing poetry requires constructional skills, linking words into verses and poems. This process requires basic design skills, imaginary expressions, and coherence knowledge, which all end up with a sound piece of product (in this case: A POEM). This poetry reading session represents a change of mood for BNU staff, involving some personal artistic impressions which are composed by both speakers Professor, Dr. Hamed M. Jassim Alissawi and Dr. Eng. Mustafa Ahmad Rajab during different eras of theirs life.

22 Persons attended the workshop.

Administrative Decree No. : A/98 ،12/10/2022

Date of the Workshop : 18/12/2022

Venue: Nawroz Hall & Online