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Welcome to Bayan University (BNU) Vice President for Student and Administration Affairs (VPA) which serves as BNU’s senior student affairs officer and reports directly to the President. The VPA works collaboratively with the  Executive Vice President for Scientific Affairs and the deans of the colleges to create a healthy academic culture that promotes student success, to provide a safe and welcoming environment for a diverse student body, and to foster a sense of community among the students. The VPA is specifically responsible for the overall leadership, administration and management of the Division of Student Affairs. These responsibilities include: 

  • Enrollment management: admissions, recruitment, financial aid, communications, analytics, technology and operations;
  • Student Life: student activities, student organizations, student conduct, student health services, counselling, and transfer student orientations, student life , dining services and bookstore. and events;
  • Career Center: job search, career development, internships and co-operative education programming;

As a member of the BNU leadership team and active member of BNU University Council, the VPA:

  1. Provides overall leadership, administration and management of the Division of Student Affairs which includes Enrollment Management, Student Life, Career Services, and Student Life focused on ensuring student success.
  2. Participates in university leadership and assists on the President in decision making regarding students in their non-academic activities and in developing, communicating, and implementing policies for Student Affairs.
  3. Works collaboratively with the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and the academic deans to promote enrollment management as a comprehensive, integrated approach focused on enhancing and improving recruitment, retention and graduation rates at BNU.
  4. Provides leadership for Student Affairs in the BNU Strategic Plan.
  5. Works collaboratively with BNU Safety to maintain and enhance university safety and security.
  6. Works collaboratively with the University Admission and Management System Office to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of enrollment management and student services.

The VPA is responsible for:

  1. Instituting a student lifecycle management approach and developing a student-centred campus environment that engages students academically and holistically and fosters inclusiveness and a strong sense of community;
  2. Providing leadership and strategic direction to all Student Affairs units;
  3. Providing leadership and oversight to Enrollment Management to meet the Strategic Plan’s enrollment goals of BNU by coordinating and promoting effective programs of recruitment, enrollment services, orientation, retention, and career services for domestic students and
  4. Developing programs, services and policies that enhance the quality of the student experience;
  5. Ensuring compliance with federal, state and University regulations and policies;
  6. Representing the University and the President in community events that deal with student matters and activities, and local organizations and activities.

BNU Vice President for Students and Administration Affairs

Dr Aswad Qader Ahmed
Dr Aswad Qader Ahmed

Assistance Prof. Dr Aswad Qader Ahmed
Vice President for Administration and Students Affairs, 2015 to this date
Bayan University (BNU), Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
➤ BA in Administration and Economy from Salahaddin University, 1999
➤ MA in Administration and Economy from Salahaddin University, 2006
➤ PhD in Economy of Tourism from Cairo University, 2013
➤ The former head of the Accounting of Tourism Administration, Lebanese French University, 2014-2015

Please see Dr Aswad's portfolio page for detailed information