Press Office conducted a questionnaire to a number of our students at different stages and sections about the importance of the "student email project"

bnu35The BNU Press Office conducted a questionnaire to a number of our students at different stages and sections about the importance of the "student email project" for them and what they think about this project. We conducted several interviews with students to see if this system will contribute to increasing student welfare, engagement and comfort at BNU. Are they in agreement with the steps and approach adopted in this system or are exposed to it, we have continued with many numbers of students and asked for their views in this regard was the answer is the following ...


Mr. Yusuf a third year student from the Department of Accounting (DACC) and stated, "I've just finished creating a personal university email today after getting help from the BNU Library staff and a number of employees to create it properly and I'm here now to help the rest of the fellows create their own mail." He added that this project is very important and better than before. I visit the university information sources available to me which I did not have before, in addition to a large number of students are happy to get the exam results in their emails once it becomes available. This means I access my email anytime and get my results”. In the end, we thanked the student Yusuf efforts that participated in the success of this project.


As for the student Osman Abdullah Department of Management 3rd year, "He mentioned that the system that started at BNU is a system that the rest of the universities are running because it is a very successful and modern system because the two parties benefit from this system, the university reduces the percentage of mistakes and workload, and the student to get his results quickly and very easy, plus they are engaged first hand with the university".


And the addition of student Mr Abdul Hakim Department of Computer Science (DCSC) 3rd year added, "That during the process of creating his personal email and after arriving at the last step in which all previous information is checked. He discovered that he had an error in writing his name so he had to re-create the email again for accuracy and liability of the system, so with the help of the library where he had difficulty in the questions on the form being in the Kurdish language so used a friend to complete the process. He added that the student email project is in the best interest of the student because it provides him with complete comfort in reaching away from visiting the university in the case being away from him.


But Mohammed is a third stage in Department of Accounting (DACC) mentioned, "In the past, the subject of receipt of the result was very easy and clear but today in this way I do not know maybe better and hope this but until the moment I am working on creating a personal email to the university and faced several difficulties The university would prefer to provide more than one person to help us and to know how to create the email ss required by the University in order to complete the process successfully".


It is worth mentioning that BNU has taken a new system this year to communicate with all students by means of a special e-mail, where they communicate easily with them and provide them with their exams, classes and other related issues to the student in first hand, rather than asking various offices.

Dr Dilan Majid Rostam the Vice President for Scientific Affair at BNU says; one of the core elements of a student centred education is creating a culture of engagement that students get the sense of inclusion. We started with this process very early in Nov 2018 when we informed and provided session to all students to create their BNU Gmail Accounts so we have access to them. Our IT Office and AQA Office as well as BNU Library has been very active to help these students on track and get involved. Therefore we provided posters, visited their classes and emphasised the importance of this process. We managed to send the first-semester exam results to all first-year students in Jan 2019. It was a successful trial. Now we aim to do this for the whole university. Students are using their email to give e-feedback on their courses, get the exam results, and soon get access to all course book and class websites via our e-Smart System. BNU is getting e-Smart and we hope to create a good example of an all-inclusive community that believe in Student Centred Education. I encourage our students to visit all information sites created to make sure they are well informed