About BNU

Bayan University BNU is a private university located in the city of Erbil (Hewlér), the capital city of Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). The university is situated in the dynamic part of this fast grown metropolitan. The city has become a multi-national and cultural centre in the middle east with huge potential for growth. Much international company are settling here and the future looks bright for new graduates who are looking to engage with these companies. Bayan University is here to play its part in this futuristic market. 

Bayan university was established in late 2013 after getting its application approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHE) of KRI. The decree No. (2228) of 29/12/2013 by MHE set BNU on course to establish the university and aim to become a leading institute in the region with a global footprint. Bayan University is owned by Al-Said company. The university is run by the Board of Trustees that has established the institutional structure and is directly responsible for the scientific and administrative decisions.

BNU has set the mission to grow with excellence and become a leading university. The strategic plan of the future of BNU includes academic expansion and building a new state-of-the-art campus to accommodate these ambitious visions. Explore our website, communicate with us and collaborate with us to bring a difference in educating future professionals in this dynamic corner of the world.