Festival 15-11-2022

The English Language Department at Bayan University will organize a cultural festival on Tuesday 15th of November.
 The festival activities will include posters, poetry, story reading, a painting exhibition as well as serving cultural food.festival

Multiple nationality between the spiritual contract and the legal contract within the framework of Iraqi law and international conventions

bnuA seminar was presented by an assistant teacher (Mustafa Rashid Issa), a lecturer assistant in the Law Department entitled (The Multiple Nationality between the Spiritual Contract and the Legal Contract in the Framework of Iraqi Law and International Conventions) in Nowruz Hall on Monday 4/4/2022 at 12:30 in the presence of a number of From the lecturers and students, the topic revolved around the fact that polygamy is in conflict with the ideal conc

Bayan University: Seminar of the Week

bayan universityThe Unit of Quality Assurance  in Bayan University has organized on Monday 4/4/2022 ,the Seminar of the week presented by Department of English Language, entitled { Writing and Organizing APA paper in an Effective Way } prepared and presented by Dr. SAAD JUMAA FARHAN  Coordinator of Dept. of English Language.

How to deal with international magazines (Nur system)

bnuDealing with journals requires a sort of accuracy and focus with knowledge of special academic details and high standards of scientific ways and sobriety for the research that must be published. In many cases. the academics are fully aware of their sciences.