Bayan University begins experimental lectures.

bnu elBayan University staff started the experiential lectures of the Law Department for the first, second and third stages by the course professor M. Baha Omar faced this interaction and demand by the students as the preparation seemed to them to complete it to start with distance learning (E-learning)

Online-Teaching-Related Training Sessions for University Lecturers.

bnuIT team arranged an assembly for all university lecturers to provide them with all the online-teaching trainings required to accomplish such a mission. In that regard, The Department Computer Science decided that their first practical lecture, presented by Dr. Matin Nasir, will be based on distance-learning.

New online meeting for the law department on 4/24/2020

طميكشؤو  Within the framework of a series of online meetings for the presidency of the Law Department at the College of Law and International Relations at Bayan University with professors and representatives of students and, the section’s professors held and under the supervision of the department head at one o'clock on the afternoon of Friday, 4/24/2020 meeting via the Internet and through the google hangouts program meet.

University council and the e-learning committee

 bnu EBayan University's operation room held a meeting   Headed by Dr Fouad Mawloud, President of the University, in the presence of both Dr.bangeen Massih Awdal, the assistant president of the University for Scientific Affairs, in addition to the deans, heads of departments, rapporteurs and quality assurance officials at the university and departments through


24-2The Faculty of Law and International Relations held on Monday, February 24/2020 in the library of the Bayan a scientific seminar entitled (Divorce) in the presence of the President of the University and professors of the Faculty of Law and International Relations and law students, the seminar was prepared by students in the Law Department of the third stage, both (student khozga Taher and student Lavan Abdel Rahman) Under the supervi