BAYAN UNIVERSITY ORGANIZED A WORKSHOP IN Scaffolding strategies in Education 

cpOn January 27, Bayan University held a workshop under the title (Scaffolding strategies in Education) in the presence of both the president of the Bayan University (Prof. Dr. Fuad Mawloud Sharif) and the assistance of President for scientific affairs (Dr. Bangeen Muslih Oudel) and the deans of the colleges and heads of the departments and a big number of lecturers of the university. 

Bayan University Football League opens  

 F Within the competitions of the Bayan University Football League, the President of Bayan University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif), Assistant to the University President (Dr.

Bayan University renews the covenant and celebrates the Kurdistan Flag Day

flag dayUniversity, in cooperation with the Student Union Committee, on Tuesday (17/12/2019) celebrated the Kurdistan Flag Day "a symbol of the struggle for liberation" with university students and staff within the university in the presence of both (Dr. Mayada Najjar, a member of the Iraqi Parliament) and Mr. Vice President The University’s Board of Trustees (Dr.

The president’s visit to the examination halls

exam dayOn Tuesday, 10/12/2019, the President of Bayan University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif), the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs (Dr. Benin Messiouh Odel) and the Director of Administration (Mr.