One of researches of Mr. Botan Othman



One of researches of Mr. Botan Othman ( Assistant Lecturer in English Language Department)in our University about the ( Impat of social media in English language learning) that he wrote and it has been published in scoops journal and has been used as a citation in 7 international journals. Also it has been read by more than 43000 academicians, teachers ,students and researchers



( Arranging a presentation for students in our University)


On 3rd April 2023, the Assistant Lecturer( Aso Bilbas)Head Department of Business Administration arranged a presentation for the students in our University.

The purpose of the presentation was about:

1. Increasing students' performance in presentation.

2. Finding keywords in reports, essay…etc

3. Clearly in speech.

4. Communicating Scientifically.

(سەرۆكى زانكۆ سەردانى هۆلەكانى تاقيكردنەوەكان دەكات)


ئەمڕۆ شەممه ٢٥/٣/٢٠٢٣ بەڕێز سەرۆكى زانكۆکەمان پڕۆفیسۆر دكتۆر احمد أنور دزەيى وە بەرێزان کاک دیار زیاد گەردی ئەندامی دەستەی ئەمینداران و کاک دکتۆر محمد احمد رمضان یاریدەدەری سەرۆکی زانکۆ بۆ کارگێری و کاروباری قوتابیان سەردانى هۆلەكانى تاقيكردنەوەكانیان کرد کە تاقیکردنەوەی كۆتايى وەرزى يەكەم / خولى يەكەمی سەرجەم قۆناغه يەكەمەكانى بەشەکانى خوێندنە بێجگه له بەشى ياسا کە تاقيكردنەوەكانى نيوەى ساڵى خوێندنى قوناغى يەكەم بەشى ياسا

( Students Scientific trip to Korek Telecom Company )


Today, 28-2-2023, the Department of Computer Science in our university organized a scientific trip for this Department students under the supervision of the head of the Computer Science Department, Assis.Lecturer Sazan Kamal Suleiman to Korek Telecom Company about how korek telecom's IT and security departments work, and then some discussions, questions and answers were held.