Symposium on World Day for Cultural Diversity at BNU

node49_1The BNU Press Office conducted a questionnaire to a number of our students at different stages and sections about the importance of the "student email project" for them and what they think about this project. We conducted several interviews with students to see if this system will contribute to increasing student welfare, engagement and comfort at BNU. Are they in agreement with the steps and approach adopted in this system or are exposed to it, we have continued with many numbers of students and asked for their views in this regard was the answer is the following ...

A delegation from Bayan University,visited The Aram Centre for people with special needs

A delegation from Bayan University, consisting of the President of the University of Bayan Dr Karim Saleh Abdoul, The Vice President for Scientific Affairs Dr Dilan Majid bnu36Rostam and The Vice President for Student Affairs, accompanied by the Students Union Center visited The Aram Centre for people with special needs on Thursday (25/5/2019) in the city of Erbil.