computer science department


On Wednesday 21/12/2022 a scientific trip was organized for the students of the Department of Computer Science by Head of Department (Mrs. Sazan Kamal Sulaiman) to Kurdistan 24 channel in order to familiarize students with the important role of technology and the advanced programs and systems used in this channel.


An International Workshop in our University about Engineers and Poetry


The Department of Business Administration, College of Administration and Economics , Bayan University conducted an international workshop entitled” Engineers and Poetry” on 18th Des 2022.

The workshop administrated by Assis.Lecturer Aso Kurdo Bilbas head of department of business administration, College of Administration and Economics, Bayan University.

( Our University Organize an International Scientific Conference by Cooperation with Kurdistanian,Iraqi and International Universities and Academic Foundations about Humanitarian and Scientific Capacity Building)

1On Wednesday 12/7/2022, our university (Bayan University - Erbil) organized an International Scientific Conference on building scientific and human capabilities and prospects for their development under the slogan (Integration is the basis of knowledge) at the Sheraton Hotel (Erbil International Hotel).