How to make math easy for kids

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Dunya Abdalhameed Ali Hassan (Teaching at Bayan University)node_

Symposium entitled (How to make mathematics easy for children) in  Nawroz Hall at Bayan University on the presence of (President of the University, Prof. Dr. Fouad Mouloud Sharif) and (Assistant President of the University for scientific affairs Dr. Bengien Christians Odel) and deans and heads of departments and a number of teachers At the university, where I touched on ways to attract the attention of children using a simple strategy based on entertainment and fun and this strategy includes several steps, most notably
1. make the child understand the purpose of studying mathematics.
2- Make math an interesting game.
3. Teach your child to manage money.
4- Ask thoughtful math questions.
5 - Interpreting the teaching of mathematics (link it to everyday situations).

Many examples and many types of training methods have been put forward to support the child in this article. For example, we can use the tools that exist at home to put them to count with children or on the roads in a traffic light or make a challenge between brothers or friends at home provided that there is a  reward that increases the motivation of the child to learn  .
there are many programs and educational sites that we can use to teach our children maths as well. 

  The seminar included a discussion and brainstorming by attendees to explore more ways to make mathematics one of the concerns of children because it is a key element in our lives and not just in our study. 

Name: Duny abd alhameed
Degree: Ph.D in mathematics from higher ministry of       education in Russia 2016  
MSc.  In math from Technology University / Baghdad 
Work experience:  Baghdad University, College of Education for Girls, Math Department .
Tikrit  University , College of Education for Girls , Math Department.


Seminar Abstract


Date: 14.10.2019

Presenter: Dr. Dunya Abdalhameed Ali Hassan

Title: How to make math easy for kids