Seminar entitled / electronic accounting in light of the use of the Excel accounting program advanced

.bnuBayan University maintains a seminar entitled / Electronic Accounting under the use of the advanced accounting program

Within the scientific activities of the College of Administration and Economics at Bayan University, the Accounting Department held a seminar. On Monday, 21/10/2019, in the presence of both President of Bayan University (A.M. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif), the assistant president of the university for scientific affairs (Dr. Bangeenn Messihel Oudel), the deans of colleges and heads of departments and a number of lecturers in all fields in addition to the participation of students of the accounting department as well. M . "Waseem Osama Al-Shourji is a teacher in the Accounting Department.

" A brief summary of the title of the seminar, which summarizes the importance behind this system and the possibility of facilitating many things and many complex steps for the users of this system.

Electronic accounting is simply the practical application of the uses of computers in the field of accounting in general. These uses have evolved to link the various components and sections of the facility to create complementarity among them and to facilitate work within the facility as a whole. By these systems, the elements of purchases in inventory are linked to points of sale with electronic collection and payment systems, accounting, human resource management and customer service.

And then he began to define the concept of electronic accounting for all attendees and ensured a detailed explanation of what works in this way can provide on other methods in terms of speed and accuracy and keeping pace with modernity and development in the academic and career field in the future.

Electronic accounting as one of the contemporary concepts and terminology for information technology. This branch of knowledge has spread as a result of changing the professional role of the accountant, as technological advances in the fields of information technology and computers led to the automation of the recurrent automated part in accounting and its complete transformation of the computer to be implemented now with a very limited effort. Today, the new accountant has become More interested in the dimensions of the effects of accounting numbers, its true meaning has implications for decision-making processes, especially from the viewpoint of different users of accounting information, taking into account the availability of many data and information and databases through the International Information Network (Internet). More precisely and more thoroughly

The goal of the seminar: - Giving a picture of the importance of electronic accounting (E-ACCOUNTING) in light of the use of the rapid scheduling program according to recent releases in a way that suits the requirements of the modern business environment, especially giving great importance in applying accounting education standards at the university through attention to applied accounting and preparing students in this field to be able to keep pace with the demands of the accounting profession in the field.


Then he touched on several other axes, the most important of which were:

 Prepare Interface - accounting programing

Preparing the American Journal - Prepare (General Journal)

Prepare the ledger \ (General Ledger) Prepare

 Prepare a trial balance

Prepare the Income Statement (Prepare)

Balance Sheet Prepare


In conclusion, the audience extended thanks and appreciation to Professor Waseem Osama for the valuable information provided on this system.