Workshop \ Utilizing leadership personality patterns analysis (DISC) in enhancing organization's effectiveness and efficiency

November 11, 11:00 am

At library, Bayan University


One of the most crucial wisdom in leading contemporary organizations is: ● Doing the Right Thing Right. ● The man for the job -Put the Right People into the Right Job. These two management rules summarize the notions of effectiveness and efficiency in achieving organizational goals. For the leader to apply these rules in an effective manner, he needs to continuously analyze two things:

1. Leadership personality patterns of those whom he is leading and working with

. 2. Tasks and jobs requirements. By doing so, the leader can efficiently assign the right person to achieve the right task in the right way. It is recommended for the top management to apply DISC personality test to be able to successfully analyze leadership personality patterns in the following tasks:

1. Conducting interviews during human resources recruitment process.

2. Team work forming to handle tasks in organization.



At library, Bayan University

We are also pleased to inform you that the invitation to all the administrative and teaching staff of Bayan University and all staff and guests from outside the university.


Dr. Ahmad Hikmat. Shaker

PhD, Management


Organizational Development Consultant