Bayan University participates in the Second International Conference in the Faculty of Law/ Tikrit

b((Ala Baha Omar)) as a representative of the Bayan universityand teacher at the Faculty of Law and International Relations at Bayan University in the second international scientific conference (the fifth national conference) and the conference was entitled (the role of legislation in the consolidation of peaceful coexistence and the establishment of community peace), which was held at the University of Tikrit \ Faculty of Law on 6-7 November 2019

Ala Baha participated in the research entitled "International Protection of Communities in Promoting a Culture of Peaceful Coexistence" was aimed at spreading the culture of diversity and pluralism and dealing with it with full awareness when the contradiction turns into integration and collision into coexistence and intolerance into tolerance because it is the universal character of God. This is in addition to the international community's awareness of the issue of protecting the sanctity of societies against sectarian and racial discrimination based on ostracism and superiority. The principle of thinking in teaching the rules of human rights protection, including the protection and emptying of societies and human components in the form of international rules and conventions, and finally received a certificate of appreciation For their active participation in trying to promote the culture of the individual and the great role in spreading peaceful coexistence and strengthening its bonds.