Bayan University held a workshop entitled (the dangers of social networking sites and how to prevent them)

tg;On Monday, 13/1/2020, in the presence of the President of the University (Prof. Dr. Fuad Mawloud Sharif) and Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs (Bengeen Messih Oudel), as well as the deans, heads of departments, and a number of teachers and students, they participated in a workshop held at Bayan University.

 The workshop was presented by the Governor in the Erbil Court of Justice (Sarhad Soliman), Professor (Suhad Jihad / assistance lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Bayan University) and the social activist in social media, police officer Mr. (Karwan Khoshnaw)


 At the beginning, Professor Suhad Jihad gave a welcome speech to the attendees, participants. She explained the importance of setting up a workshop in this field because all of our students used social media platforms and the importance of introducing them to the seriousness of these platforms and also the good side of them, as we can benefit from them as much as possible.

The multiples of the workshop multiplied, but Judge Sarhad Suleiman began by presenting the first axis of the workshop: He clarified the extent of its impact on citizens and the role of the state in protecting them from it, as it touched on a number of laws that were issued in many countries of the world that relate to social media platforms, including Sweden, which issued a set of Laws that hold accountable anyone who misuses it in 1973 and then the United Kingdom followed in 1978 and then the United States of America enacted the decision also in 1981 and France followed in 1988.

 Arab countries also followed and enacted the decision, Kurdistan Region enacted and adopted the Misuse of Social Media Act in 2008, when the judge completed his speech on the penalties that anyone who uses these sites is being tried improperly as it violates personal rights and information, the accused is tried and the necessary measures are taken against him in the event that it is proven The charge.


In the second axis: Assistance lecturer Suhad Jihad talked about the benefit of the social networking sites through which we can use in worldly affairs and obtain marketing work and sell materials directly through these platforms, she mentioned that the Facebook tops other communication sites around the world in terms of followers and participants and succeeds (Instagram) is in second place and (pinterest) is in third place and also (Snapchat) application is in fourth place, she continued and explained that these communication apps are a "double-edged sword" that we can use to facilitate our academic and practical duties at any time and in many ways Including them Promotional and others in the event of use take good, this concluded teaching. In the last part of her axis, Assistance lecturer Suhad created an online test which all audiences participated in, the online was about the Social Media.


 On the third axis: The activist in the social networking sites, Mr. (Karwan Khoshnaw), spoke about the misuse of these sites, how to prevent them, how to protect accounts and personal information from being stolen, and carefully explored the details of two points:

First / How to create an account on social media in a safe way.

Second / How to use the account and prevent hackers.

About the methods of prevention, Mr. Karwan spoke of several methods that would increase the degree of protection of your account, which is to make the account through the computer loaded instead of smart phones, and to provide the real information written on your government papers such as name, and others, it is also to create a password for the account It consists of 25 to 30 between a number and a letter in order to protect the account more, and try to add the phone number and the private email and specify a trusted friend in cases of need, all these points that will keep your account from penetration and prevent every user from accessing your account, 

He also talked about ways to protect mobile phones and alerted people who buy a smart phone account from public places, he emphasised to stop buying from public places as they are vulnerable to stealing phone files easily, as accounts from public places maybe shared with other users as well from another country.

 The axis concluded with providing very important information for all concerned who can now call (119) in the event of a breach of accounts or any problem on social networking sites, as this number is devoted to social problems that relate to social media, everyone can contact and report any abuse and actions will be taken Necessary to stop it and solve it.


 In conclusion, the President of the University thanked all the attendees and presented a certificate to the presenterts  (thanks and appreciation to all the organizers and participants of this workshop)