American Consul at Bayan University

usaBayan University on Tuesday 28/1/220 received the General Consulate of the United States of America (Steve Fagin) with each of his companions, Mr. (Adrian J. Pratt), the Director of Public Relations, and Mr. (Riving Mizory), the Higher Education Advisor, who were welcomed by Chairman of the Board of Trustees (Dr. Abdul Salam Muhammad Saeed Al Hayali), Vice President of Board of Trustees (Dr. Hossamadin Muhammad Saeed Al Hayali), Representative of Board of Trustees Mr. (Qutaiba Tariq Muhammad Saeed), President of the University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif) and Assistant President The University for Scientific Affairs (Dr. Bengeen Messih Oudel), the University’s Director of Administration (Mr. Abdul Rahman Saleh Amin) and Professor (Wzhar Fahri Saadi) Rapporteur of the Department of International Relations

After the welcome, a meeting was held between the university’s academics and the American consul, where the university president started the meeting by introducing the university’s plans for development and prosperity more regarding the new construction of Bayan University and the university’s plans in the near future where the university president focused more on providing information regarding workshops and conferences that the university is implementing this year in order to reach the desired goal of the university, which is to spread science and education in the right way. This American consul expressed his willingness to support all upcoming scientific conferences and activities in the future, and at the end of the meeting everyone vowed to Cooperation in the field of teaching, scientific and Consul General of the United States of America emphasized on his will to support and the university in order to provide the level of scientific students


Then the consul (Steve Fagin) toured the university campus, accompanied by the university’s board of directors and the respected trustees ’committee, where he visited all the university’s entrances and exits and greeted a number of university students in addition to holding a special mini-meeting between Bayan University students and the consul himself in order to increase interaction and communication between students. The consulate was happy to see how students are increasing their knowledge and interesting in the English language, as this facilitated their communication. The consul reminded the students of the importance of university study for them, and after that he received questions from all the attendees and answered them all.
In conclusion, the University’s Board of Trustees presented a shield of thanks and appreciation to the Consul General of the United States of America, and at the end the President of the University extended their thanks and appreciation to them for supporting the scientific process at the university