BAYAN UNIVERSITY ORGANIZED A WORKSHOP IN The Significance of Leadership in Educational Sector 

tBayan University held a workshop under the title (The Significance of Leadership in Educational Sector) in the presence of president (Dr. Fouad Mawloud Sharif), and the Assistant of President for Scientific Affairs (Dr. bengeen Messih Oudel) and the deans of the faculties, heads of department and number of lecturers of the university.
The workshop was about the importance of leadership generally and in educational sector specifically. It consisted of two parts, the first part tackled the term of leadership in general where touched by professor (Karez Ibraheem Kareem) and the second one which has covered by professor (Hero Khoorshid Hasan) focused on the significance of leadership in education, focusing on the role and impact of teachers in developing student’s performance. The slides of the workshop were generally about definition of leadership, styles, types and theories of leadership, components (factors) of leadership process, characteristics of a leader, leaders in education and their impacts on learning process, characteristics of teachers as leaders and applying leadership in teaching with teacher’s personal plans.

Workshop has concluded with conducting a questionnaire about the impact of leadership on learning process which was distributed to the attendees, and that followed by giving certificates to the presenters of the workshop by the president of the university.

In the end of the workshop, both professors were awarded by the president of the university and appreciated them for organizing such big important topic.