BAYAN UNIVERSITY ORGANIZED A WORKSHOP IN Scaffolding strategies in Education 

cpOn January 27, Bayan University held a workshop under the title (Scaffolding strategies in Education) in the presence of both the president of the Bayan University (Prof. Dr. Fuad Mawloud Sharif) and the assistance of President for scientific affairs (Dr. Bangeen Muslih Oudel) and the deans of the colleges and heads of the departments and a big number of lecturers of the university. 


In the beginning of the workshop, professor (Suhad Jihad Al dulaimy) explained the purpose of the workshop, as she expressed the importance of leadership generally and how it is linked with education. Furthermore, it sheds light on the significance of leadership through improving teachers’ leadership style that impacts the institution. 
In the end of the workshop, professor (Suhad Jihad Al dulaimy) been awarded by the president of the university and wished her successful in her career.